Well guys, I think it's finally time to bid my farewell. Some of the topics I've been seeing lately are okay and all, but after being on another site for a few days, I'm vastly enjoying it better there; thanks in no small part to the migrated commenters that are present.

I had a good run though, all things considered. Despite my rough start, I rather enjoyed it here. It was definitely a different place than what I usually went to. More of a games website, and IGN just isn't my thing.


When I started commenting, I didn't really know what I was doing. Eventually, it got to a point where I was more invested in the comments than the articles themselves. The biggest change happened with me getting a star. After that... well, everything changed. I started to befriend more. I started to notice stuff better. I made a conscious effort to make good use of it.

In short, actual responsibility made me a better commenter.


But now, things have changed. And not just the comments, the site format has changed some. And quite frankly, I'm not sure I was to be part of it anymore.


For those who want to keep in touch with me:

- The Verge (Gaming/Polygon)

- Serebii (forums section, leave a visitor message)

- PXoD (not really, but it is an option)


- Speakout ktk (King Kellog's site)

Except for Serebii, username is the same. On SPP, I'm "Cobalt_Latios"